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Gutter Protection

State of the art, and with a dedicated product line, Superior Defense Gutter Protection offers top of the line gutter protection for a very cost effective price. Forged from aluminum, and made 100% in the US, this custom product has raised arrow screen to slow down the flow of water and keep everything but water out of your gutters! Never a need to clean your gutters again! Backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee!

Premium Aluminum Gutters

We offer a full spectrum of available colors of the thickest aluminum seamless gutters on the market. 5" or 6" gutters with standard or enlarged downspouts to ensure that your home and foundation are protected! Backed by a lifetime warranty, we don't stop there. Installed with high tech hidden hangers, 50 year sealant, and rubber gromett screws to keep water away from your fascia. These gutters will provide protection to your home for years to come.

Choose Your Materials

Composite shingles are the most common roofing material. They are not the only material. Whether you choose composite shingles or opt for slate or tile, choose a Dallas roofing company that can provide you with all the options.

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A Warranty You Can’t Beat.

A roof is a composite built out of several elements. Even the finest materials will fail if improperly installed. Be sure to hire a roofing company that uses top-quality materials and installs them right. That combination is what enables us to offer an industry-leading 25 to 30 Year warranty.


Financing Is Available.

It is no secret that building materials can be expensive. We can provide financing services for your project. Your Fort Worth, Dallas, and Grand Prairie roofing company can provide low and no-interest financing options. Don't let funds keep you from maintaining your most important investment. Your roofer can help you.

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